“I’m a marketer, not a scientist!!!”

“I’m a marketer, not a scientist!!!”

Folks, get ready to eat those words. Anyone who is in marketing because it offers them the opportunity to sow their wild editorial oats may be in for a surprise.

Last week, Aberdeen Group unveiled a new report on the topic of content marketing, written by the illustrious Jessie Coan, entitled “The Future of Content Marketing: The Age of Content Science.” This report looks at data from 277 marketing decision makers, influencers and practitioners about their content marketing strategies to reveal that those who develop and execute data-driven content marketing strategies enjoy nearly five times more marketing-attributed revenue than those who do not.

Basically, what it showed was that the mass migration to content marketing as a strategy has created a lot of noise in the marketplace. Savvy companies are rising above that noise by getting better and more refined in their content targeting, messaging, execution, placement and timing and they’re doing this by leveraging technology to get as much real-time and collected data on their audience as possible. They are gaining advantage with data and, essentially, becoming data scientists in the process.

The research also uncovered capability characteristics that fall into five distinct stages that content marketers typically fall into as they mature in their content capabilities. It is worth a read to see where you think you are.

Writer or data geek, left-brained or right, the age of content science is upon us. Get ready to become more predictive and prescriptive in your content marketing strategy!

To view the complete Future of Content Marketing report, download it here. And, please feel free to share your thoughts.

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