Are You Ready for Personalization?

Are You Ready for Personalization?

A new study by Pardot, released last week, found more than three quarters of businesses expect B-to-B companies to provide personalized digital marketing throughout the buying process. In marketing, we’ve been talking about personalization and its value in B-to-B for some time now, and these findings suggest that the time is now to purchase your ticket if you’re planning to jump aboard.

A recent Aberdeen Analyst Insight report, Digital Asset Management in the Age of Personalization, shares some interesting insights regarding the adoption of delivering personalized offers. It found that “Best-in-Class” (companies performing in the top 20% across a variety of critical marketing metrics such as revenue growth, response rates, and ROMI) are 85% more likely than All Others to customize offers to individuals. This means that high performing companies are able to understand their buyers at a micro-segment and even individual level.

While the preference for customized offers intuitively makes sense, the execution of this type of “segment of one” approach requires considerable thinking on the part of content marketers who have been building their systems for scale. Marketers will have to reconsider their tools, the types of data they’re capturing, their segmentation strategies, as well as the offers themselves. And the list goes on from there…

The report I referenced gets into the approach and considerations for personalization. It is available free with registration on the Aberdeen Research Library. What are you doing with personalization? Are you planning to go there? If not, what’s holding you back?

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